Why Choose us?


Why choose Zaap Car Removal in Brisbane

  • Round the clock car removal service
  • Up to $6500 instant cash for cars
  • Free transportation and towing of junk, scrap, old cars
  • Complete paperwork and instant service
  • Free car removal services in and anywhere near Brisbane


What happens to my scrap car?

The car along with each part is evaluated to find out any usable parts and then it is dismantled. The usable parts are separated and the rest of the junk is recycled. Right from interior parts and metals to even your seat, everything gets recycled.


How do I get paid for my junk car?

Zaap Car Removal offers instant spot-on cash for your old car once your car has been examined and validated. After the paperwork is signed, you get instant cash as per the value of your junk car.


Which documents do I need to have for scrap car removal?

We need your personal identification, title, and all the papers concerning your vehicle. Likewise, your vehicle must be free from any illegal or criminal activities in order for us to pay you instant cash for your car removal.


Which kinds of vehicles do you remove?

Zaap Car Removal offers car removal services for any kind of vehicle, cars, buses, trucks, utes and SUVs. we have no preference of make or model, whatsoever. However, your vehicle must not be involved in any kind of illegal or criminal activities if you want instant cash for car removal.

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